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Wing in Ground Effect crafts (WIG) are an emerging technology that provide transportation over water, with characteristics in between aircrafts and marine crafts.

Wing-In-Ground (WIG) Effect vehicle is the best economical multipurpose, safe and reliable boat for operating above ocean, rivers, lakes, swamp, snow, and ice. 


​WIG Crafts

A WIG craft is generally a boat that cruises just above the water surface, thereby reducing its drag to a minimum so that speed well in excess of 60 knots are achievable. 

Conventional marine craft that are capable of reaching those speeds are known to have excessive fuel consumption. WIG technology, however, reduces the drag to a minimum by eliminating hydrodynamic drag.

This technology is similar to hovercraft, but in fact is far more efficient Blue Dolphin BD-12G classified by the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a Class A WIG Craft (Wing-in-Ground Effect Craft)

We begin manufacture of the Blue Dolphin BD-12G with dual GM engines. BD-12G is transitive model into next completely composite version.

WIG Craft BD-12G on 75 % is composite boat, 25 % of the parts ( power elements of the body) are aluminum.

Compare to others WIG crafts, this model is constant steady and high in stability movement with the wing-in-ground effect. It has the abilities of snow surface take off and maneuvering at the coast line with use of props power.


The benefits of WIG technology are based around the commercial efficiency.
A WIG craft can travel further on the same fuel and with the same payload as an aircraft and much faster than a ship. This enables WIG craft to fill the gap between low cost, slow sea freight and fast, yet high cost air freight.
Some other advantages of WIG vessels are:

* Door to door speed is comparable to air travel
* Infrastructure requirements identical to a boat
* Does not require fixed runways, operating from water or in amphibious mode
* Exceptionally friendly to the environment due to low use of energy and exchange of fluids with the sea

* WIG Crafts are recognized as maritime vessels for construction, insurance, operator licensing and registration requirements

  • Reduces the ownership cost by 40%

  • Reduces the fuel cost by up to 75%

  • Operating cost $230, lower maintenance cost ( like car)

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