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Based upon proven technology, updated model of the Blue Dolphin BD-12G will be manufactured to meet all requirements in compliance with the Jones Act.

With cruising speed up to 112-125 mile per hour they are faster than almost all other sea crafts and over short to medium distances they provide travel time comparable to helicopters and small aircrafts. Cruising above the water surface without water contact, WIG crafts provide an efficient and safe means of transportation while offering natural stealth.

100% of the structure of the craft will be manufactured within the United States through a joint manufacturing partnership utilizing the expertise of local Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic specialists that have strong track records in composites building USCG and FAA certified craft.

We look forward to providing safe and efficient travels. Contact us for more information.

Currently, the development team headed by retired US Coast Guard personnel are bringing together the final elements to submit BD-12G project for US Coast Guard approval.

In addition, a flight simulation system of the craft is in development, and when completed, it will be the only WIG Craft flight simulation system in the world. In fact, all of the Blue Dolphin craft operators from this manufacturer anywhere in the world will be required to train under the program, which will be accredited upon its approval by the US Coast Guard.

Under United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) legislation, The Ground Effect Crafts are recognized universally as marine vessels for construction, insurance, operator licensing and registration requirements. Therefore, the purchase and operating costs are considerably less than traditional aircraft, while still being able to travel at a speed comparable to a light aircraft.

Contact us with any questions.

Flight attitude in the Blue Dolphin is extremely stable. Sea state and wave action have only a very minor effect when airborne.

All Blue Dolphin vessels operate above the water up to around 50% of the wingspan. The larger the vessel, the higher the surface clearance and wave height capability.

The Blue Dolphin has a maximum water surface clearance capability of up to nine feet over the crests of 12 foot waves.

A range of up to 1200 mi and a cruising speed of 120 mph is achievable.

This tremendous vehicle is durable and dependable in any situation. We invest an enormous amount of time making sure that Craft is stable.

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